Lately, “me-too” call center “brokers” are popping up everywhere, claiming to be experts, trying to emulate and copycat us— we’re flattered, but talk is cheap.

There is no replacing the genuine article– CustomerServ®, one of the first of its kind, was founded a decade ago. And, our founders helped pioneer call center outsourcing over 30 years ago. There is no substitute for real experience, real stability, real value, real process and ultimately– real success.

Depth, stability and integrity are in our DNA and we’re not in it for short-term gain. We’re in it to give you the “sleep at night” factor, knowing that your business is in very good hands. Our objective is the total success of your outsourcing with the right partnerships that last— anything less is failure.

Customers always have options. When a customer chooses to work with you it’s not only because you give them a great product or service. It’s because you made a promise and you kept it. At CustomerServ® that is how we approach things. We know when we build a great partnership that we are living up to our promise. That is why we take our match-success rate so seriously.

We started a decade ago– we’ll be here a decade from now. Ultimately, CustomerServ®, is built around performance excellence because, like great performance — the difference is often in who you choose to lead.

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  • Meet our teams: the experts in customer connection!
  • Meet Nick Jiwa of CustomerServ®.