CustomerServ® was founded in 2006 by outsourcing leaders who created a better way to find, select and retain your best performing contact center and BPO vendor partner(s).

With over 60% of outsourcing contracts not renewed in the industry today, CustomerServ® is a more predictable way to secure the right outsourcing relationships that last. Here’s how:

  • CustomerServ® is constantly analyzing the marketplace and we’ve already vetted hundreds of outsourcers
  • We’ll provide an accurate view of the industry, helping you discover the best vendor(s) that you might not have heard of or considered without us
  • We’re completely service-fee free so there’s never a cost to engage us and no risk or obligation
  • CustomerServ®’s secret sauce is our knowledge base, inside track on elite vendors, proprietary due diligence and matching process
  • A CustomerServ® recommended vendor is selected 94% of the time and retained for 5+ years over 90% of the time — that’s how we measure success
  • CustomerServ®’s breakthrough process is responsible for over $1.1 billion in outsourcing relationships worldwide

The contact center industry is growing at a dizzying pace, becoming more complex by the day. And by offloading the cost, risk, and stress in identifying the right outsourcers early in your search process, you can invest your valuable time exploring just those vendors with the exact credentials you want.

So let’s talk about Outsourcing Smarter!

Our Videos

  • Meet our teams: the experts in customer connection!
  • Meet Nick Jiwa of CustomerServ®.