Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a broker? We’re not sure about using brokers.

    CustomerServ® is not a broker – we are trusted advisors with decades of experience, stability and integrity. Most brokers are “me too” individuals who recently entered the marketplace. Brokers will “broker” call centers, not partnerships, often throwing the phonebook at clients, hoping that a vendor will stick. CustomerServ® is the opposite of this flawed, no-value, outdated model. CustomerServ® is obsessed with fit and value creation while brokers just want to close the deal. That is why over 94% of the time our recommended providers become partners for our clients and remain partners for over 5 years 90% of the time. Emphasis on partners – not vendors. If you speak to a CustomerServ® client they will tell you how we took the time to fully understand their business needs and only offer perfectly aligned partner options. Our process to create a match is rigorous and proven, with the references to back it up. That is the CustomerServ® difference.

  • Why do I need CustomerServ® if I already know how to find providers?

    As the contact center industry approaches $200 billion, the provider landscape is changing faster than ever. As an individual purchaser, it can be a challenge to stay current on great provider options. Finding outstanding mid-size providers can take a lot of time and manpower – or worse – you can truly miss the best option for your needs. Because finding great providers is all we do, you can count on us to bring you options you may have incidentally overlooked. Even the savviest and largest outsourcing buyers trust us to find “hidden gems” — making a dramatic difference in their outsourcing performance.

  • How do you find your providers?

    Our full time world, every day, is keeping up with the call center industry. That means who is succeeding, failing, growing … who is working in what industry and who is merging or may be. We are embedded on the frontlines with a large client base where we see actual performance trends, and we speak to dozens more industry consumers every week. We are watching the latest geographies, technologies and tools. Best of all, we apply that knowledge on a foundation of decades of experience. From that intelligence, we utilize proprietary evaluation techniques to identify “stand-out” vendors who undergo our rigorous due diligence process before making it to our elite list of providers.

  • Will CustomerServ® take over my provider selection process?

    No. We do not take over your provider selection process. We recommend the right call center option based on our experience. Then, you decide. You remain in complete control of your company’s due diligence, RFP and purchasing procedures so nothing in your internal process changes. Our recommended providers will undergo your evaluation process as if you selected them independently of us. You can negotiate terms directly with the provider or through us. You contract with the provider directly, not through us. There is no obligation to select any of our recommendations and you always make the final decision.

  • How do you screen your vendors? Describe your vetting process.

    CustomerServ®  is acknowledged as an industry leader in facilitating winning outsourcing partnerships. Our vetting process includes well-proven methodologies accrued over decades of experience. Most of our team members started as call center agents in the 1980s, enabling us to contribute to the phenomenal growth of the industry over the past 3 decades. We have consulted over 40% of the Fortune 500 on effective outsourcing and vendor selection methodologies. We have taken these learnings and designed a vetting process which enables our clients to discover their best matched and highest performing vendors. Our scoring methodology, on-site assessments and rigorous diligence process are similar to a COPC audit of call center and BPO vendors. We leave no stone unturned, evaluating hundreds of variables centered on what we believe are the core differentiators between mediocre, good and truly elite vendors. We dig deep below the layers and really understand the “inner vendor” within the vendor by carefully examining crucial attributes around culture, people, process, communication and much more. We don’t score on size; magnitude does not equate with quality. Our driving force in vendor assessments is totality, meaningful data and a scoring system that demands the very best from our vendors. And our vetting process isn’t a one-time thing. We work alongside our clients, analyzing results, engaged at all levels after vendor selection, to support the success of the vendor relationship.

  • How many call center providers do you represent?

    Our team has vetted hundreds of call center outsourcing and BPO providers over the past 11 years. Our provider portfolio grows with the needs of the industry and the changing trends for geographic or industry coverage. CustomerServ® is continuously vetting providers with an eye for rising stars and emerging leaders in our industry. Since we are not brokering on a project basis, we prefer to maintain an elite portfolio of vendors with a broad set of skills. Our active portfolio of vendors is fewer than 100 who have passed our rigorous due diligence process. The bedrock of CustomerServ® is the quality of our providers and our ability to help our clients discover the best companies that align just right. We maintain the highest caliber of match success, with a match rate exceeding 94%, through our steadfast commitment to provider excellence.

  • What size providers do you normally work with?

    Our partners range in size from 300-500 seat boutique operations to 1000 – 5000 seat mid-sized companies to providers with 10,000 – 20,000 + seats competing with larger global BPOs.

  • What is the average size client or outsourcing deal you will work with?

    CustomerServ® helps companies of all sizes find, select and retain the right vendor(s) for a wide spectrum of deal sizes and across multiple industry verticals. Our clients consist of Fortune 100 companies to start-ups, first time buyers of outsourcing to more experienced buyers with a well-established outsourcing platform. Within our diverse client base, contact center and BPO outsourcing budgets can range in size from $300,000 annually to upwards of $100 million annually depending on the client. Clients rely on us to help guide them to the “right-size” vendor that matches the outsourcing need flawlessly. Our vendors range in size from niche specialists to scalable mid-sized firms that compete against and win market share from the largest Gartner ranked vendors in our industry. Headcount requirements range from steady state volume to dramatic seasonal spikes to a combination of both. We evaluate each client’s outsourcing needs on an individual basis before recommending the right provider(s).

  • Can you help us develop and administer an RFP?

    Yes – and at no cost. We are experts in designing and administering the RFP process in conjunction with our clients and their sourcing management organization/procurement teams. We maintain a database of RFP questions and styles that we have developed for our clients. We are happy to assist in writing the RFP, compiling a short-list of suppliers and even suggesting a strategy for who to include based on understanding your short and long term outsourcing needs.

  • Can you assist with provider site visits?

    Yes. The CustomerServ® team has extensive expertise in conducting provider site visits. We often accompany our clients on site visits and assist in due diligence. Keep in mind that our providers have already undergone rigorous due diligence, including site visits, in order to be included in CustomerServ®’s portfolio. Therefore, our providers are thoroughly screened even before our client implements due diligence and visits. We examine hundreds of attributes in prospective providers and our evaluation techniques enable us to precisely hone-in on the providers’ differentiators.

  • Are you focused on domestic US providers or, nearshore and offshore?

    All of the above. CustomerServ®’s outsourcing engagements are 50% domestic and 50% nearshore/offshore. We’ve cultivated emerging offshore destinations and consulted our clients on de-risking strategies. We help our clients find the best US/onshore call center vendors, and we advise our clients on the right domestic/international mix to maximize their performance results.

  • Can you help us outsource for the first time?

    Yes. Nearly 40% of CustomerServ®s clients rely on us to help them migrate some or all of their contact center needs from a captive in-house environment to the right contact center outsourcing vendor(s). CustomerServ® is an expert in consulting companies seeking the right outsourcing channel for cost reduction, staffing flexibility, subject matter expertise, risk mitigation or benchmarking. The outsourcing conversation is invariably a “perception vs. reality” battle in many corporations nervous about the idea. CustomerServ alleviates the stress and anxiety with a prescriptive solution including perfectly matched vendors experienced in insourcing to outsourcing migration, a cost analysis and other data points needed to “make the case” for outsourcing. And, we’ll raise our hands and be the first to tell you if outsourcing might not be the right solution at this time, if we determine this to be the case. Whether you’re considering a single line of business as a proof of concept or larger initiatives, we know what is at stake. Rest assured we’ve already created a cost effective outsourcing  channel for our clients who never outsourced before, or tried unsuccessfully in the past.

  • Can you share references and case studies?

    Yes we can. Upon request we’ll gladly furnish references from clients who have found the right outsourcers with our guidance. In fact, we think sharing case studies is the fastest way to help a new client understand the diverse value and impact to the bottom line that partnering with CustomerServ® can afford them. Many of our clients are also happy to speak with you about their experiences.

  • Do we have to use your services exclusively?

    No, you do not. If you engage us to help you find the right call center provider(s), there is no contract between you and CustomerServ® only an NDA. We are confident that our performance will speak for itself and for that reason, our service is always provided on a non-exclusive basis.

  • Are we obligated to pick CustomerServ®‘s provider?

    No, you are not. We expect our call center providers to be vetted by your company as you would any prospective supplier. Over 90% of the time, we’re successful at creating the right match which results in a long term successful partnership. If, however, our recommendations are not selected for whatever reason, you have no obligation to us or the provider whatsoever.

  • What will it cost to utilize your service?

    There’s never a fee to utilize us in your search. CustomerServ® invests heavily in our ongoing research and the due diligence of outsourcers. When we engage in matching you with our recommended providers, CustomerServ® is responsible for all the costs that we incur. We are not compensated by our providers unless a deal is contracted with the client. After which, our fee is remunerated under the provider’s normal, planned SG&A costs so it’s completely seamless for the client. In CustomerServ®’s client-provider engagements we do not permit the involvement of the provider’s internal commissioned salesperson. By eliminating the salesperson and requiring our fee to be planned for as part of the provider’s normal budget line-item for marketing, this ensures that your contract rate reflects the price points that you desire. There are no incremental fees to you. Our goal is to operate with complete transparency on every front.

  • How do your providers benefit from you representing them?

    Being a great call center doesn’t mean you are a great marketing company. In fact, in our experience, some of the best providers in the call center industry are the weakest in marketing their services. Great providers reinvest in their people and operations instead of salespeople. In most of our engagements, our client didn’t know that our provider existed. Sometimes the client never knew our provider had synergistic “differentiators” and credentials that fit perfectly with their unique needs. CustomerServ® plays a vital role in linking our providers and their success stories to clients looking for their special expertise.

  • How will you coordinate with our procurement/purchasing team?

    When you proceed with our recommended vendor(s), they will engage with you and your procurement team directly. Any vendor recommended by us will undergo your vetting and purchasing process. This includes the completion of RFIs, RFPs and any other requirements that your organization has. Our role is to support the process in any way that we can. We’re as involved or uninvolved as you want us to be.