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Explosive New Industry Leader Gains Traction with CustomerServ

Subscription Box Meal Kit Client since 2015

  • Home Delivery Meal Kit Subscriptions are booming and our Client was making an impact delivering over 10 million meals a month – but rapid growth was straining their team
  • Delivering meals to nearly 900,000 customers with an in-house Contact Center and no prior outsourcing experience the team reached out to CustomerServ® for an assist
  • CustomerServ got to work creating the recipe for a successful outsourcing strategy
  • From RFP creation through vendor recommendation, pricing structures and vendor management to scoring and selection strategy – CustomerServ partnered to hone in on a perfect fit
  • The result? From an initial pilot of 5 agents the partnership has grown to over 150 outsourced agents across 8 lines of business
  • But the ending is even sweeter – their new partner has increased subscriber reactivation by 170%+, reduced overall Contact Center costs by 50% and has significantly reduced cost-to-acquire.

Download our case study to learn how CustomerServ helped a global leader in the subscription box industry reduce customer reactivation costs by 173%.

Communication Industry-1

Merger Strain on Customer Experience Relieved by CustomerServ

Healthcare Client since 2016

  • An increasing Member/Patient base suffered under the strain of a large hospital chain merger
  • Decentralized inside and “meh” outsourced service strategies delivered deteriorating service levels and plunging satisfaction scores
  • To stop the bleeding, our client asked CustomerServ® to analyze the situation and prescribe the best Contact Center strategy
  • CustomerServ® identified weak points in the client’s incumbent outsourcers, fragmented internal call centers and help desks
  • Clearly the focus was on the transaction NOT the customer
  • The Client chose CustomerServ® to help create and deliver an RFP including vendor recommendations and overall strategy input
  • CustomerServ’s matching process recommended 3 strong candidates for the RFP which also included Client Vendors
  • Client chose one of the CustomerServ recommended partners
  • Outcome? All-time highest customer experience scores with removal of prior vendors and volume consolidated to new Partner


Uncharted Territory? CustomerServ Answers Top 3 Wireless Carrier Call

Mobile/Wireless Client since 2008

  • Emerging Markets needed to be explored and a Top 3 Wireless Carrier rung up CustomerServ to find a perfect solution
  • Finding a rising star is a challenge and understanding the complexity – a non-traditional offshore customer contact provider for a dual-purpose Care/Sales queue with “elevated” skill levels – required a deep dive on solid options
  • Answer? One step at a time. Immersion meetings, follow-up due diligence, capture unique requirements – narrowing to 2 regions
  • Next step was a joint visit to 2 continents and together evaluated outsourcing candidates prior to selecting a perfect partner
  • The end game – winning candidate became the highest rated and most successful new call center outsourcing partner in the company’s history. PERIOD.
  • CustomerServ® helped the company achieve its target of de-risking and diversifying over 50% of this specialized queue
  • Today, almost XX years later, what started as a test has grown 1,600% and is a model for geographic diversification


Opportunistic Partnership Delivers for Top 3 Cable/Telecomm Client

Cable/Telecom Client since 2007

  • Its competitive in the Cable vertical and high touch customer experience can make all the difference
  • With nearly 12 million subscribers, elite outsourcing partners are crucial for every aspect of this Client’s customer communication
  • In 2013 CustomerServ® approached them with an opportunity – CustomerServ® had a company in their portfolio that had an “elite” cable team available. The experienced team came to market due to geographic diversification and was ready to go!
  • CustomerServ’s timely advice led the company to quickly implement due diligence and choose this potential partner
  • Launching with this highly skilled team shortly thereafter – capturing a knowledgeable, trained industry workforce – led to a real win for their customer!
  • Skip ahead to today – this partner is ranked #1 in CSAT and other metrics in several of the company’s most challenging cable markets and continues to grow with the Client


Seeking Near Perfection? CustomerServ Finds It for Pharma Client

Pharmaceutical Client since 2013

  • How good is good? A leader in the pharmaceutical patient management sector called upon CustomerServ® to answer that question with them
  • In addition to an understanding of HIPAA, the client requires high performance agents that can eloquently communicate with patients and prospective patients
  • WFM challenges demand a flexible operation standards handling dramatic spikes and dips in outbound/inbound call volume
  • CustomerServ® found a perfect partner with a resume that matched client requirements resulting in a successful 2-month test period
  • How good was good? Within the first 30 days the new partner was at 100% of goal and – on some campaigns- at 120% of goal in comparison to a 5-year incumbent
  • Client is growing their top-performing new partner into its “go-to” outsourcer for the company’s most important sourcing requirement – first contact with prospective patients.
  • Icing on the cake? CustomerServ® also matched a European call center partner for this client, handling 10+ languages


CustomerServ is Committed to the Art of the Close

Telesales – Multiple Partnerships since 2013

Elite outbound telesales is a “dying breed” – in fact, some industry experts say it no longer exists. But CustomerServ® knows who the best telesales call centers are and we make it our business to partner with these hand-selected experts. We believe it takes a high-integrity company with sales in their DNA.

  • Great Outbound sales vendors are professional, consultative sales companies fully TCPA compliant with the recruiting, training, mentoring and nurturing processes needed to build scalable sales teams.
  • Inbound selling is equally challenging, requiring agents with unique personality traits and deep sales acumen. Some inbound sales programs are “outbound in reverse” while others utilize intelligent customer data analytics to maximize sales conversion.

CustomerServ’s experience in sales outsourcing has delivered successful, long-term outsourcing partnerships across many verticals including:

  • Cable/Telecom: We’ve created outsourcing relationships generating thousands of sales per month including premium upgrades, speed tier upgrades, PSU sales and new subscriber acquisitions. Over 1 million calling hours in the cable/MSO industry make it hard to be humble.
  • Retail Energy: Delivering high quality, sticky sales in a highly saturated, competitive and challenging marketplace is what our telesales partners do. Every one is vetted and matched to our retail energy clients finding new residential and business customers through a cost effective high quality, compliant, sustainable telesales channel.
  • Consumer Goods: A leading home improvement/aftermarket company asked CustomerServ® to source the best inbound direct response sales vendor. We matched the right vendor to manage a challenging, and at times, high-ticket sales conversation. Our vendor created a win-win situation for the client, increasing sales conversion and exceeding performance goals consistently.

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