Large outsourcers are familiar players, but that doesn’t always make them the right choice. There are advantages to going big, but there are disadvantages too. There is no “outsourcing safe haven” or performance guarantee by “picking IBM” as the old saying goes.

Right-sizing to the “right-size” partner is essential. Defaulting to a bigger vendor because of visibility and market presence might result in the “tail wagging the dog”.

There are other options. And for the past decade, CustomerServ®’s intake and knowledge process has focused on the proverbial needle in a haystack— hard-to-find vendors that consistently outshine the rest.

Our team evaluates hundreds of contact center and BPO vendors, scoring on a number of attributes, not just size. Our evaluation methods, research and vetting will narrow the funnel, bringing only the best qualified candidates to the point of client recommendation.

With this detailed understanding, CustomerServ® is uniquely able to see top performers clearly and very accurately match them to our client’s specific needs. Rest assured, being part of our portfolio of partners isn’t based on a one-time evaluation, industry presence or market cap.

It’s about meaningful and consistent performance that tops scorecard rankings.

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