We may blush when our clients share their recommendations, but it reminds us that combining industry knowledge and work ethic with a proven approach really does win.

CustomerServ®’s clients have shared these words about us: “Honest, Win-Win, Expert, Disciplined, Composed under pressure, One of the most respected industry authorities, Ethical, Repeatedly helped us meet our objectives!” All we can say is – it was our pleasure.

In the end, while the CustomerServ® team can tell you how we do business – our clients can tell you if it works. When our partners are selected 94% of the time and retained for 5 years 90% of the time, the numbers are impressive. So, our clients are happy to share their experience. If you want to hear more, let us know and we will arrange for a client referral call – or several.

We have a great group of clients, and we love to share their point-of-view.

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  • Doug DekerNick and Kip of CustomerServ® did an outstanding job partnering with Sprint Telesales during our search to find call center companies located in cost efficient markets with high quality English voice talent. My group outsourced thousands of seats and CustomerServ® provided extraordinary due diligence into desirable emerging markets as well as the top BPO’s within those markets which ultimately helped Sprint to decide on and launch a new partner. They have helped me stay ahead of the curve on knowing which markets and sites are the most viable alternatives going forward. As a result of their great service and support while I was at Sprint, I chose to work with CustomerServ® at my next role at Simplexity and I’m working with them again in finding the right outsource partners in my current role.

    Doug Deker
    Head of Customer Care
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  • Greg PresslyHaving professionally worked with Kip for over 15 years now, I can attest to his high level of industry experience and his focus on the client relationship. Kip and CustomerServ® partner with some of the most valued companies in the call center industry and they work closely with their clients and outsourcing partners to provide win-win solutions. Kip and CustomerServ® are very customer focused and provide expert feedback and guidance throughout the entire process. Kip is always engaged and keeps his clients current on the operations of the business as well as changes in the industry. His efforts and solutions have provided a direct impact to the bottom line of our business.

    Greg Pressly
    VP Customer Operations
    MetroPCS / T-Mobile
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  • Amy FetchkoI was referred to Nick and CustomerServ® by a former colleague who highly recommended his services. My company was looking to take our outsourced call center channel to the next level and even though I’d spent a good part of my career supporting call centers, I hadn’t a clue about how to begin such a search. From my first conversation with Nick, I knew I could trust him. He really took the time to understand our needs and asked detailed questions to assist him in identifying partners who would not only enable us to meet our goals, but complement our mission. Nick is the kind of professional I truly enjoying dealing with. He’s knowledgeable, responsive, honest, down-to-earth, and a genuinely good guy. I look forward to our continued association

    Amy Fetchko
    Director of Customer Experience
    North American Power and Gas
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  • John OrtizIn the many years I have been associated with Nick Jiwa and CustomerServ® he has proven to be an honest and dedicated individual with a never say never attitude. Nick is one of the most disciplined and precise people I’ve ever known. His ability to work efficiently under stressful conditions and nerve-racking deadlines speaks volumes about his hard work, determination and his composed demeanor. I have seen this consistently as he has supported project after project with small and large companies alike. He demonstrates the rare combination of excellent leadership skills combined with a team spirit. My recommendation is that Nick’s Company, CustomerServ® be considered as a viable alternative to those willing and ready to add value to their customer contact center. I strongly recommend Nick Jiwa and am available for any further details you wish to know about him.

    John Ortiz
    Customer Support Manager
    Bayer Diabetes Care (Bayer Healthcare)
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  • Kenneth Cross“I have worked with Nick Jiwa and CustomerServ® over the last 5 years and specifically when I served as the Senior Director for Telephone Account Management for Office Depot. Nick is truly an expert as it relates to the outsourcing industry and is well connected across the spectrum of many delivery mechanisms to include voice, data and back office processing. Nick is a true connector; he assisted me in finding two ideal partners that had what it took to deliver great results for Office Depot. This selection was based on the research and time we had spent together as I described what we needed from an outsourced partner for Telephone Account Management. Once the selection and RFP process was completed Nick worked closely with me and the vendors ensuring that success was accomplished during my tenure at Office Depot. I highly recommend Nick Jiwa as a highly experienced outsourcing professional who has a high level of integrity that is only matched by his desire to deliver customer satisfaction.”

    Ken Cross
    Vice President Operations
    TMS Health, a Xerox Company
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  • Doug HerringI have been working with Nick to identify call center partners. With 20+ years of call center leadership under my belt I have plenty of contacts for this but dreaded RFPs and searches. Nick made all this painless for me and vetted some fantastic call center partners that I was able to review and in a time frame that surpassed my expectations. All of his selections met or exceeded my requirements. If you need to look for great outsourced call center partners, and want to avoid many of the hurdles you would normally face in your search then I recommend you let Nick very highly

    Doug Herring
    CB OTM Director
    Charter Communications (Charter Business)
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  • fbI have worked with Nick for over 15 years and with CustomerServ® since he started the company. When I ran outsourcing for MBNA, Nick was my go-to resource for call center partners and I worked closely with him in identifying great partners for Direct Energy as well. Nick is considered by many to be an expert in the call center outsourcing industry. He stays aware of the cutting edge industry trends, both domestic and offshore. Nick has only aligned himself with the highest quality organizations and he’s always seeking the right solutions for his clients. Nick has proven to be professional, honest, creative, and reliable. Nick and CustomerServ® will make a positive impact to any organization smart enough to engage them.

    Paul Bower
    Senior Manager
    Direct Energy
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  • Charles HuttonNick and Kip of CustomerServ® came to Cricket Communications in 2005 to help the company in our initial operational and customer experience transformation. They were outstanding professionals in helping us source a high quality bilingual call center partner and the TCO case for Cricket to grow and to evolve in near shore sites. Kip and Nick are great colleagues to work with and engage in on-going business strategy and outcomes. Both remain an integral part of my professional network and I continue to utilize their industry expertise.

    Charles Hutton
    VP Customer Service Times Warner Cable
    Former VP at Cricket Wireless
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  • W1Nick is one of the most respected and knowledgeable industry authorities in the global, outsourced contact center industry. I can strongly recommend Nick to anyone with a need in that area.

    John Glantz
    Director of Relationship Management
    United Healthcare Group
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  • Dean Odle I met Nick while I was at Delta Community Credit Union (Delta Airlines) trying to figure out a better 3rd party call center solution for my credit union as I was very disappointed with my provider’s service quality and high pricing. From the start, Nick was very concerned about my members, the damage that was happening to my credit union’s brand, and the opportunities we were missing with each outsourced call. He then began to share with me his many years of experience in the BPO industry and discussed a solution and plan that was not only going to optimize our member experience and revenue but also save us a ton of money on variable staffing. Nick is the kind of guy that’s always in your corner. I appreciate his expertise and generosity every time we talk and I highly recommend Nick as a call center outsourcing visionary.

    Dean Odle
    Executive VP Operations
    Fort Knox Federal Credit Union
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