CustomerServ® was founded in 2006 by pioneers of the contact center outsourcing industry who created a better way for companies to choose the right outsourcer. Our experts help you minimize the complexity and time investment in searching for outsourcing partners so you can focus on optimizing performance:

  • At no-cost or risk, CustomerServ® will match you with contact center partners that fit your needs perfectly
  • CustomerServ’s® secret sauce is our knowledge base of outsourcers combined with a proprietary due diligence and matching process
  • A CustomerServ® recommended partner is selected 94% of the time and retained for 5+ years over 90% of the time — that’s how we measure success
  • Our expertise spans every size client and all aspects of the customer relationship from Customer Service to Sales, Technical Support, Chat, Email, Collections and beyond
  • Unlike “call center referral brokers”, CustomerServ® brings real value and a prescriptive methodology that delivers harmonious partnerships — anything less is failure

In a $200 billion industry that is growing more complex every day, you need a better way to find partners. CustomerServ® is your competitive advantage in finding partnership chemistry – not just a vendor search. CustomerServ® has been creating successful outsourcing relationships for a long time, resulting in over $1.1 billion in outsourcing investment between our clients and partners.

Elite contact center outsourcers are rare, and CustomerServ® is your beacon to finding them. So let’s talk about Outsourcing Smarter!

Our Videos

  • Meet our teams: the experts in customer connection!
  • Meet Nick Jiwa of CustomerServ®.