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Wireless Industry-1

Wireless Industry – Partnership since 2008

When a Top 3 US Wireless Carrier wanted to explore emerging markets, CustomerServ® was the perfect partner. With over 50 million subscribers reliant on an answer when they needed it, the right locations with reliable workforce and infrastructure was a crucial foundation. CustomerServ® tapped into its portfolio of rising stars to help our client geographically diversify beyond the Philippines to other emerging offshore destinations. Understanding the complexity of the demand – a suitable non-traditional offshore customer contact provider for a dual purpose customer care/sales support queue requiring call center agents with “elevated” skill levels – was the cornerstone of recommending the right options.

Through immersion meetings and follow-up due diligence, CustomerServ® captured the unique requirements and recommended (2) emerging offshore regions. With CustomerServ®, the company visited 2 continents and evaluated several outsourcing candidates prior to selecting their perfect partner. CustomerServ® was instrumental in focus groups and outsourcer evaluation along with providing the company guidance on the merits of untapped markets. In the end, the winning candidate became the highest rated and most successful new call center outsourcing partner in the company’s history.

CustomerServ® helped the company achieve its target of de-risking and diversifying over 50% of this specialized queue to a successful outsourcing partner. What started as a test has grown 1,600% and is a model for geographic diversification.

Communication Industry-1

Communication Industry – Partnership since 2007

In the cable industry, complex products and a high touch customer experience can make all the difference. Our client, a Top 3 Cable/Communication Company with nearly 12 million subscribers, requires elite outsourcing partners for every aspect of their customer communication from acquisition through lifecycle management. Working closely with CustomerServ® since 2007, they were intrigued when in 2013 CustomerServ® approached the company with an idea. CustomerServ® had a current company in their portfolio that had invested heavily in building an “elite” team of several hundred “cable industry experts” providing a broad range of customer service and technical support. This experienced team came to market due to geographic diversification and was ready to make an impact.

Through CustomerServ®’s timely advice and guidance, the company quickly implemented their due diligence for this potential outsourcing partner. They selected and then launched with this highly skilled team shortly thereafter. By capturing a knowledgeable, trained industry workforce then investing in the new partnership, the client’s customers ultimately won.

Today this partner is ranked #1 in CSAT and other metrics in several of the company’s most challenging cable markets. Through great performance and a great cultural alignment, the partnership is succeeding for both parties and continues to grow.


Pharmaceutical Industry – Partnership since 2013

A leader in the pharmaceutical patient management sector called upon CustomerServ® to recommend the right call center outsourcing partner in 2013.

The program requirements are extremely challenging. This effectively shrinks the universe of prospective outsourcers to a handful of very elite companies, operationally savvy and forward thinking enough to manage the rigors of this engagement. In addition to an understanding of HIPAA, the client requires agents that understand how to communicate with patients and prospective patients. In addition, the outsourcer is required to have a flexible operation, capable of handling dramatic spikes and dips in outbound/inbound call volume. Calls are driven by various drug launches and trials which in turn create unpredictable and challenging WFM for the outsourcer.

CustomerServ® introduced a partner with a resume that matched the client’s requirements perfectly, resulting in a successfully 2 month test period which grew into a long term partnership between the organizations. Within the first 30 days the outsourcer was at 100% of goal and on some campaigns, at 120% of goal in comparison to a 5 year incumbent.

Today, the client has committed to growing their newest and top-performing partner into its “go-to” outsourcer for the company’s most important sourcing requirement which is the initial interface with prospective patients.

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