Call Center – The Accidental Career Path
Jan 24, 2017

It was June of 1986, the Dow Jones was hovering at 1,800 and Ronald Reagan was President. I had just graduated from high school and a buddy of mine referred me to a “part time job” in Manhattan. Sure, why not? Extra money, save up before college in the fall, working in the big city… sign me up! The call center was perched above the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan on the 8th floor. The place was a collection of characters from all walks of life; most of them with incredible voices, co [..]

Default Syndrome: You Picked The Wrong Vendor
Jun 01, 2016

Size matters in the call center industry and if you select an outsourcer that is too big or too small, there will be a price to pay.   After a decade of helping companies find their best performing call center providers, I’m still seeing too many clients choosing the wrong outsourcers (vendors). And while vendors are selected for a myriad of reasons, I want to focus on size for the purpose of this discussion.

Outsourcing is Broken and How to Fix It: A Podcast
Feb 02, 2016

Listen to a down to earth, real world conversation between outsourcing experts Nick Jiwa and Amas Tenumah on the state of today's outsourcing industry. Amas is a speaker, author and customer experience expert. Nick is a tenured contact center outsourcing professional. (more…) [..]

The Dreaded PFP Model
Jan 14, 2016

Let’s get right to the point: PFP (Pay for Performance) is one of the most polarizing acronyms in the contact center industry. PFP pricing models come in many different forms, ranging across all outsourcing disciplines including inbound, outbound, non-voice and beyond. Risk sharing in outsourcing contracts is a good thing. However, I’m not in favor of PFP models that put most (if not all) of the risk on the outsourcer. Often times, one-sided PFP models coincide with unusually challeng [..]

The Blind RFP
Jan 28, 2015

There are dozens of reasons why companies issue an RFP for call center services. But, what is the methodology used to construct the RFP recipient list? Which vendors are on the list and why? Has the client narrowed the list by pre-screening vendors? Or, is the RFP issuer simply casting a wide net to a multitude of suppliers? I’d like to explore the subject of blind vs. pre-qualified RFP distribution and distill different points of view. For clients or buyers of outsourced call center servic [..]

The decline of “Voice” Outsourcing in India – a realistic perspective
Jan 10, 2015

As an outsourcing industry veteran of 20 plus years, my business is recommending call center service providers and geographic destinations to our clients. India at one point, dominated the call center marketplace but things have changed. Recently, I asked a number of colleagues to comment on the state of call center services in India. I asked that everyone provide a “real world” outlook based on experience. The responses that I received were quite interesting. While some feel that certain ty [..]

Why Customer’s Initiate Chat?
Mar 18, 2014

Chat is increasingly becoming the preferred solution for online consumers. Click-to-chat technology is gaining international momentum. Based on our experience with several Fortune 500 companies, live chat is the most effective channel in terms of customer service and satisfaction. Internationally, the next great area of customer contact is live chat. From a customer perspective, regardless of a customer’s geographic location, a successful chat experience is a fast, contextual interaction wi [..]

Anti-Outsourcing Legislation? Are you kidding me?
Oct 15, 2013

The bi-partisan anti-outsourcing legislation introduced by Democrat Representative Tim Bishop of NY and Republican Representative David McKinley of Virginia probably won’t make a dent in the unemployment rate. The outsourcing of call center jobs is an easy target for politicians who refuse to accurately talk about the facts. Instead, we get platitudes and populist messages. The legislation, like its predecessors has some legs although I doubt it will pass. If it does, our company, CustomerS [..]

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